Ceremonial opening of kindergarten in Valjevo, Serbia, including giving the gift to kindergarten by VHS Brno Ltd and VHS Moravia, d.o.o. (17.4.2012 in Valjevo)

Signing ceremony of addition to the project “Improving energy efficiency of the hospital heating system in the city of Valjevo.” (17.4.2012 in Valjevo)

Video from a workshop in Ethiopia on the transfer of know-how on technical analysis of drilled wells:

The recording of the national Ethiopian Television (ETV1 and ETV2) broadcast of the ceremonial delivery of Czech technologies for technical analysis of drilled wells:

The recording of Bosnian Federal Television broadcast of the signing of contract between the project leader and the local partner institution – the city of Zenica:
(Project:Utilization of renewable energy sources for central heating system in Nemila)