Integrated management system

Introduction of the integrated management system

Philosophy and structure of our IMS is created on the basis of Deming PDCA cycle:

IMS - schéma Plan (plan your actions first),
Do (then realize your actions according to the plan),
Check (check results of your actions),
Act based on the check results, find out how to avoid repeating mistakes which happened and what is possible to do better next time) and repeat the whole cycle of plan, do, check, etc.

This system is also valid for all management subsystems (such as quality, environment, work safety, human resources etc.).
For successful and efficient usage of defined procedures and management policies, following unified and unique procedures in VHS Brno, Inc., the system has been documented in the manual and related documented procedures. The main purpose and contribution is satisfaction and benefit of our customer and interested parties in the form of efficiency of invested resources, increment of the value of living environment and its stability.
Specifications of management systems for quality and environment don´t function controversially, by contraries, using their logical integration, their synergic (they support and multiply each other) effect is acquired. Their application in praxis leads VHS Brno, Inc. to provide better services and to protect the living environment at the same time, to offer superior and guaranteed products to our clients.

Structure and philosophy of IMS:

In VHS Brno, Inc. is the Integrated Management System implemented in its structure and philosophy which are asserted by the consultancy company CPC. This system fulfills and follows following objectives:

  • In the structure and philosophy of the manual and the whole system, it is based on the PDCA management cycle.
  • Doesn´t copycat the structures of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, BS 8800, BSI OHSAS 18001 standards, … (they differ). It founds their common elements and compose these into a logical procedure.
  • It creates the possibility of stable structure for common manual and other documentation. These are easy to be modified in case of rising or changing new standards, moreover no changes to the structure of the IMS are necessary .
  • Documentation of the IMS is created especially for our employees and its purpose is minimization of system documentation and as a result, maximization of its lucidity.

Characteristic of main processes VHS Brno, Inc.:

We realize all engineering and environmental (ecologic) constructions, especially sewer systems and sewerage plants, filter plants, water towers, water supply systems, gas conduits, supply and assemblage of heat distribution systems, collectors, including laying conduits etc.

The diagram below shows spheres of processes and activities of VHS Brno, Inc.:

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Organization diagram of the company and coverage by the Integrated management system

Responsibilities and authorities of each division are declared in OS-06 “Organizational guidelines of VHS Brno, Inc.”

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Printable version here.

Subjects of certification according to the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001standards are processes “Management of engineering and civil constructions” and “Technological piping systems and equipment”. Nevertheless, the Integrated System is used on each division providing services to our customers.

Exclusions from the system

No exclusions from ISO 14001 standard requirements are applied. According to the repeated and routine activities, only the requirements of ISO 9001 standard concerning the development of new products are excluded. However, suitable and relevant ISO 9001 standard requirements for the development are used in case of their propriety for projects control.

Top management obligation and company policy

Asserting the Integrated Management System, the top management of VHS Brno, Inc. determines and announces to all its employees following rules. Working, our employees are liable to follow them.

  • The importance of fulfilling the client´s needs and expectations. These must be defined, converted to client´s requests and fulfilled to reach his satisfaction.
  • The importance of following the rules and law requirements.
  • The importance of correct and sensitive approach to the living environment and to interested parties.
  • Importance of labor protection

Performing periodical re-check of the IMS and assuring the resources with self-discipline, top management improves this management system for it to be effective in the whole company.
Based on the analysis of strong and weak point of our organization, the management of incorporated company defined their company Vision, which declares the long-time strategy and image. Based on this vision, top management defined The Mission of VHS Brno, Inc., in which determined the sphere and reason for company´s activities.
For achievement of the vision and fulfilling the mission, top management accepted obligatory rules for negotiating and attitude of all employees of VHS Brno, Inc. These rules make up the company´s Policy.

Vision, mission and the policy were accepted on 1st July 2007 and were approved by signature of the incorporated company´s director. Vision, mission and policy provide sphere for strategic objectives planning and programs of VHS Brno, Inc., according to the procedures presented in documented procedures P1 of this manual: “Strategic planning”.
Validity of the policy is revised on every change to the manual for the management system, respective on changes to vision or mission of VHS Brno, Inc. Revision of policy´s suitability is performed by the management also when the functionality and efficiency of the whole system is revised (see P.1.5).
The policy is controlled by date stamp on each policy´s print. In case of its update, the whole version must be printed and authorized by signatures of the director and person who is responsible for the changes and the new date must be used.
All employees and chosen suppliers are familiar with this policy. Their understanding to the policy is revised on internal audits.
The policy is not considered to be a private document, it is available for public and provided to interested parties and clients (brief extract of the policy is also included to propagation and presentation materials of VHS Brno, Inc.).

Documentation of the management system
Manual for the management system

Manual for the management system (MMS) is the top directive document, in which the basic information is stored about:

  • VHS Brno, Inc. and sphere of implemented integrated management system
  • Structure, philosophy and content of IMS
  • Obligation and policy of top management of VHS Brno, Inc. regarding to quality and assurance of satisfaction for our clients, including approach to achievement and realization of our products so that the maximum respect to the living environment and interests of interested parties was sustained.
  • Documenting of the IMS and single parts of the documentation

In this MMS there are also the documented procedures describing closely the activities and responsibilities for IMS assertion defined.
To document that the entire requests of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 are fulfilled, there is a table in the appendix No. 3 of this manual, which shows the correspondence between IMS entities and requests of these standards (this is not included in the manual for our clients).
Because of the actual MMS as a directed document is a subject to change, the rules for direction listed in the documented procedure P.5 - “Directing of the documentation and records” are valid also for directing of the manual itself.
The manual is processed by IMS management representative and approved by the company´s director.
The manual should be distributed as a directed print or as a no directed print - for information only. The direction of the manual is marked on its front-page by management representative for the IMS.
In the case of changes, it is possible to change either the whole manual or only the single chapters. The revision numbers are marked in the headers of the chapters. Also the front-page, including the new dates of approval (date and director´s signature) has to be changed.
Other system documentation

For each IMS process, there are Documented procedures (DP) defined. These, in case of need, reference to other documents - Organization guidance (OG) or directly to the Operative instructions (OI) or the forms.
On each start of the chapter, in the header of the MMS and DP, there are references to the afore mentioned documentation and forms specified for realizing the works mentioned.
Being suitable, as operative documents for directing also the internal announcements and director´s instructions can be used. Furthermore, not only the internal directive documentation of VHS Brno, Inc. is used. The correctness of usage of the documentation for the management system is directed using external documents as well. These are:

  • Laws of the Czech republic, relevant statutes and public notices
  • Relevant standards
  • Documentation of our clients, suppliers and interested parties
  • Project documentation (note: in case of realization moves into internal documentation)

The connection between individual documents can be illustrated by this diagram:

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Click the image to enlarge it

Structure of the directed documentation for the management system used in VHS Brno, Inc. and its categorization is listed in the following table:

Category Document´s titles Sign Applies for
Internal documents 1 Manual for the management system MMS Whole VHS Brno, Inc.
2 Documented procedures of IMS
Organization guidance
Director´s instructions
Internal announcements
3 Working instructions
Emergency instructions
Project documentation
appropriate working place of VHS
External documents Laws
Government statutes
Public notices
Documentation of client, suppliers and interested parties
GS No./year
Min. not.
Project number
Whole VHS Brno, Inc., or specific workplace of VHS

Vision, mission and the policy of VHS Brno, Inc.:

The Vision:

Our vision is to have high professional and moral credit at all of our clients, investors, suppliers and another interested parties.
It means also to be a popular company with the sphere of influence, situated not only in the Czech Republic, but also in other countries of European Union and Eastern Europe.

The Mission:

Our mission is to be oriented in our activities to the needs of our clients, using global approach for dealing with all projects in our branch, especially with projects focusing on environment protection.
It means also to use our professionalism for offering global help and consultancy to our clients, namely not only for conceptual and technical solution to a project, but also for assuring financing, including usage of grant programs.

The Policy:

  1. All our works are realized with maximum possible quality and long-time guarantee
  2. The emphasis is put on directed assurance and improvement of skills of our employees
  3. By improving working environment and by offering personal benefits, our company attempts to make our employees satisfied and to keep their sense of belonging with the company/of being a part of the company.
  4. We prefer only the suppliers which have convinced us about them assuring lasting quality of their products and supplies.
  5. We permanently try to improve the quality of our processes, services and products, including preventive approaches to minimization of their negative impacts (pollution) on surrounding environment.
  6. For avoiding risks we use as a tool our basic approach to safety and health protection of our workers. It is based on creating systemic conditions for safe and health unexceptionable work.
  7. The core idea for us is to respect the law and another legal acts, connected to our activities, environment protection and safety, protection of health and working environment.

This vision, mission and policy are realized via defining specific tasks and achievements with the view of our persistent improvement on all levels of our company.

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