Company´s foundation and history

Historická fotografieAfter the WW2, in 1945 and 1948 (after the socialization of private construction companies), the water management constructions were under the state control throughout its national companies. The beginnings of VHS existence are dated back to 1953. There was a massive development of industrial and urban constructions in this time and the capacity of then water supply, sewer systems and sewerage plants was insufficient. That is why the production program of VHS has been increased from the basic maintenance of pipelines and sewers to the large portfolio of water management constructions, including the river basin adjustments or over/underground pipelines.

Historická fotografieIn 1965 the company had five branches in Brno, Znojmo, Breclav and Veseli nad Moravou. Realization of big water tanks, water preparing plants and sewerage plants has increased and also the realization of road constructions, which have been important for the future. The growth dynamic of the company was represented by increase of financial resources volume, invested in the constructions of infrastructure. In 1977, it came to the consolidation of the Montovane stavby, national company and VHS. This consolidation was another important step in the company´s growth.

Historická fotografieIn the eighties, after the incorporation of VHS into the Pozemni stavby (Structural engineering), the capacities of VHS were integrated into building new housing estates. The VHS made ground field formation, built collectors, pavements, roads and abutment walls. And other specialized works like basalt inlaying of steel pipes for slag conduits, sowing or demolition works were added into the manufacturing program.

November 1989 and next socially changes have started the new development period towards the decentralization and the privatization. The whole company was split into new independent companies.

The VHS Brno, Inc. was reestablished in 1999 and followed its tradition and goodwill. VHS Brno, Inc. connects the long-time tradition in ecological constructions with the best current accessible technologies. VHS Brno, Inc. guarantees its construction to be performed of the highest quality and in accordance with the planned time-schedule and calculated price. Reliable attitude to our partners, hand in hand with the high quality of our works, belong to the basic principles of our company. Of course, all constructions are realized in maximal consideration with the environment, inhabitants, adjacent properties and living environment.
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