Introduction of the VHS Brno, Inc.

The Vodohospodarske stavby (Water management constructions) Brno - VHS Brno is a brand, which has influenced on national and foreign construction markets since 1957. VHS Brno, Inc. has continued the tradition and the goodwill of this company.

First quality of our works and reliable attitude to all of our partners belong to the basic principles of our company. We assure engineering activities, connected to the construction, in many cases as well. We are able to provide a prolonged payback period and bridge loans, to prepare and negotiate providing standard bank loans and another funds for work financing. Our company is able to bridge over the construction financing time shift during the year and year-on-year period and to guarantee shortening of the construction deadlines, using our own financial funds.

All the constructions are naturally realized with maximum consideration of the environment, inhabitants, adjacent properties and living environment.

The VHS Brno, Inc. is capable to realize all types of engineering and environmental (ecologic) constructions, especially sewer systems, sewerage plants, water preparing plants, water tanks, water supply system, gas conduits, supply and assemblage of heat conduits, collectors including pipes laying jobs, etc. The company is certified according to the international standards EN ISO 9001:2000, EN ISO 14001:2005 of environmental management and OHSAS 18001.

The other members of VHS holding participate significantly on the construction works. The company realizes all technological complexes and conduits on its behalf.

The VHS Brno, Inc. is operating in the foreign markets for five years, namely in the field of technical advisory for realizing engineering and ecologic constructions and assemblage of technological complexes. During several last years, the VHS Brno, Inc. has wan a reputation of trustful partner for solving infrastructural projects in Serbia and it is on the list of preferred suppliers and coordinators of infrastructural projects, co-financed from various funds, including the European union. In June 2008, a subsidiary company VHS Moravia Ltd. was established in the city of Valjevo, Serbia.

The VHS Brno, Inc. can – among others – present itself because of successful realization of various projects in foreign development cooperation in the field of environment protection.

With respect to the high professional competence of our employees, the assistance ability regarding the short-term financing of the constructions and a very good orientation in grant programs, the VHS Brno, Inc. is a haunted partner for municipal clients, which attempt for realization of infrastructure constructions in their region.

Vision, mission and the policy of VHS Brno, Inc.:

The Vision:

Our vision is to have high professional and moral credit at all of our clients, investors, suppliers and another interested parties.
It means also to be a popular company with the sphere of influence, situated not only in the Czech Republic, but also in other countries of European Union and Eastern Europe.

The Mission:

Our mission is to be oriented in our activities to the needs of our clients, using global approach for dealing with all projects in our branch, especially with projects focusing on environment protection.
It means also to use our professionalism for offering global help and consultancy to our clients, namely not only for conceptual and technical solution to a project, but also for assuring financing, including usage of grant programs.

The Policy:

  1. All our works are realized with maximum possible quality and long-time guarantee
  2. The emphasis is put on directed assurance and improvement of skills of our employees
  3. By improving working environment and by offering personal benefits, our company attempts to make our employees satisfied and to keep their sense of belonging with the company/of being a part of the company.
  4. We prefer only the suppliers which have convinced us about them assuring lasting quality of their products and supplies.
  5. We permanently try to improve the quality of our processes, services and products, including preventive approaches to minimization of their negative impacts (pollution) on surrounding environment.
  6. For avoiding risks we use as a tool our basic approach to safety and health protection of our workers. It is based on creating systemic conditions for safe and health unexceptionable work.
  7. The core idea for us is to respect the law and another legal acts, connected to our activities, environment protection and safety, protection of health and working environment.

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